Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm back

Well I've been gone for a time. A lot of things happening some good, some not so good. I've done a little in beading lately. Been extremely busy. of the good things. I got an opportunity to volunteer at the Second Annual Southern Bead Retreat in Pine Mountain at our beautiful Callaway Gardens.

I had the pleasure of assisting Margie Deeb in her color class. If you ever get the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it! I learned boatloads there. I also got a chance to take the Crystals and Pearls Cuff class with Sherry Serafini. I love bead embroidery. I purchased one of her kits and modified it a bit by changing beads and colors. I started on a bracelet in Diane Fitzgerald's Eye of Apollo Necklace class. I'll post pics when I am finished.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Huib Petersen at lunch. I didn't have the opportunity to take his Butterfly's Gallore class but had a chance to look over his work and kits. I will take a class from him next time.

Well that said, I am posting a pic of the cuff that I began in Sherry's class and some other stuff that I've been meaning to show.

I just love how the cuff came out and I'm motivated to do another. I am starting one that is my own design. I purchased some beads that I just love together. I'm going to have to ask Margie what she thinks about my color selections on both bracelets.

Here's the one I'm beginning:

Don't you just love the colors and the finishes on the beads?

Next I'm showing you some of the stuff I've done for other venues.

I call this my 'Black Teardrop Bracelet'. I made if for a sway partner. I just love it. I am going to attempt to make one similar for myself. It is my design and creation.

That center bead is gorgeous.

I call this 'Snowmelt'.

This was my first attempt a doing a freeform copper bracelet.

Here's another copper bracelet.

Two pics of an amulet bag I made for a swap partner.

I call this one 'Concentric Circles'. This was done in circular brickstitch.

The two above I call 'Centipede Wings'. There were just so many daggers, like the centipede has so many legs.

Bronze Flowers Set

Well that's enough for now. I'll post more about the bead retreat and more pics later.

Have a great weekend and be blessed.